Sunrise Foodmart - Gas station bathroom "out of order"

Shelton, Connecticut 2 comments

The Sunrise Foodmart (Chevron) in Homosassa Fl store #10 has no working bathrooms for it's customers. So I guess we'll stop being customers then.

When I asked the lady behind the counter where she went to the bathroom she starts screaming at me in front of my boys that I have no right to ask her that. So we took our money elsewhere but the boys had to go so we did leave them something.

So if you wonder why they stink it's because they have NO WORKING BATHROOMS. If you do not provide a bathroom to the public you're suppose to post a sign, but to just lie and then get upset about your own lie....or maybe the attendent pees in drink bottles until she's off work.



Clearly Al has never been on a long driving trip, especially with kids who have to visit the bathroom much more frequently than adults.

They are definitely breaking healthcodes if they don't even have an employee bathroom. That employees poops in a jar then hands you your change... Nice.


Perhaps you should go before you leave home. They have no obligation to provide you and your brats a bathroom.

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